Super Easy Slow Cooker Sesame Meatballs

No lie, it will take more time to pen this recipes, than it will for you to make it. That is, unless you need to jet to the market first, but chances are.... you needed to go anyway, right? In my house we are 100% pure bread food pushers. Every single party has enough food to feed a small nation. It's kind of crazy. But, people have learned to come hungry and bring their own take home containers. … [See the Recipe...]

Sizzling Shanghai Wings

Nothing is more fun than a good night out with shared platters of finger licking kind of food, cold beer, and good friends. Those are the kinds of nights filled with laughter. Now, if you are anything like me, … [Get the Recipe...]

Slow Cooker Pizza Supreme Dip

I entertain all of the time. And really, I'm kind of good at it. But, wanna know my secret? I am the queen of prep. Anything and everything that can be done the day before is. Sure, homemade hostess with the … [Get the Recipe...]

Slow Cooker Balsamic and Honey Pulled Pork Sliders

Are you in need of a little slow cooker loving? Have you come home on more than one night in a row, exhausted from work, stressed until you hair turns grey, and unable to prepare a decent meal? Let me introduce … [Get the Recipe...]

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