Slow Smoked Pork and Beans

Today we are doing something a little special. Sit back and grab a cold one, I am about to tick off some self-proclaimed pitmasters. The smoking purists. But that's OK, I have a little secret to that low and slow smoke flavor that they just don't want to talk about. It's an electric smoker. See, the thing is, smoking is an art. A flat out time-honored tradition. It requires patience and a ton of … [See the Recipe...]

Simple Ancho Smoked Pork

Who's in the mood for some pork? Juicy, mouth-watering, flavorful no-frills shredded pork. White bread, pile of pork and a pickle. Hells yeah. And what's not to love about slow smoked pork? Recently, I've … [Get the Recipe...]

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Burger Month Week 3 Recap

Burger month is going STRONG. And by strong, I pretty much mean bust out the yoga pants and just sit back and enjoy. Things have been loaded with flavor, piled, stacked, stuffed and drizzled. And you know what? … [Get the Recipe...]

Cedar Smoked Salmon

So, you want to toss a little fish on the grill and impress some company? Maybe it's a smoking hot date that you need to showcase your diverse hunter gather skills to. Or hell, maybe you are just tired of … [Get the Recipe...]

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#BURGERMONTH week 3 ||