Quick Orange Chicken Stir Fry for Two

Guilt food. Take out stir fry. I mean, does it really get any better than the aroma when you open that tiny white box? There's something about the pleasure of sinking your fork into that and reruns of really crappy 90's shows that is irreplaceable some nights. But, I'm cheap, and I have a serious conscious issues, so this is my version. Made at home, using up those veggies in the fridge, and over … [See the Recipe...]

Chicken in Tarragon Cream Sauce with Green Rice Pilaf

Chicken. It's what's for dinner. Sadly, nothing about chicken inspires me. I never find myself sitting around thinking, mmm chicken. It's bland. Boring. And too often dry. Not my idea of a stellar dinner. I get … [Get the Recipe...]

Southern Cola Ham Steak

We used to roll in sugar and butter. Who stopped us? There was no Jamie Oliver then. First it was boil everything. And then it was all be worried about the processed foods. So, we were all just happy to have a … [Get the Recipe...]

Fast and Easy Weeknight Chicken Enchiladas

You know what never get's old? Enchiladas. Why? Because they are 100% customizable. Every single time. Picky eaters, add cheese to a few than count your blessings you aren't like them. Creative food snobs? Turn … [Get the Recipe...]

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