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Our Mission:

At Girl Carnivore®, we journey through the rich histories of global foodways. Since 2013, our mission has been to break down the complexities of meat science and its varied cuts, making it approachable and captivating for home cooks everywhere. With over 500 recipes and in-depth guides, we’re not just about cooking – we’re about the stories. We’ve worked with ranchers and farmers across the country, learning that there isn’t one singular way to nourish our community. Our aim? To be more than a meat resource. We strive to be a bridge connecting tradition, innovation, and the rich flavors of culinary cultures. And hopefully, have a little fun on the way.

To uphold our mission:

  • We prioritize education, aiming to demystify every aspect of meat, from nose to tail.
  • We collaborate with ranchers and farmers, spotlighting their expertise and narratives.
  • We celebrate diversity, acknowledging the many traditions and methods used in meat preparation.
  • We empower home cooks with tools, knowledge, and confidence to explore and excel.
  • We continuously expand and refine our content, ensuring accuracy, relevance, and inspiration for all.


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Why choose Girl Carnivore?

  • We offer an expansive range of over 500+ recipes that span from value cuts to exclusive butcher’s cuts.
  • We specialize in whole animal recipes, breaking down beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and seafood for cooks of all skill levels.
  • We’re committed to education, demystifying every aspect of meat from nose to tail.

Our favorite helpful tips and guides

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Who is Girl Carnivore

Meet Kita Roberts, award-winning recipe developer, photographer, and content creator behind the meat-filled, down-home, and savory recipes you’ll find here.


A down-to-earth traveler and self-described “meat maven,” Kita married her love of savory, meaty cuisine and content creation to show her followers that grilling and searing aren’t just for men. She focuses on meat recipes and cooking techniques and loves to share how anyone can master high-end proteins if they’re willing to roll up their sleeves. 

SIAL America

Kita Roberts is an award-winning recipe developer, world-traveled professional photographer, journalist – and the lead creative force, aka “meat maven,” behind Girl Carnivore®. For over a decade, she has produced eye-catching and original food, beverage, and travel content, sharing her passion for cooking over a fire, fine craft cocktails, and the stories behind our food with her one million+ combined monthly audience.

An authority on all things meat, Kita, who launched GirlCarnivore in early 2013, has gone through education with the National Cattleman’s Beef Association and Certified Angus Beef, the National Pork Board, butchery demos, and visited ranchers and farmers from coast to coast to better learn and understand American foodways.

Her food perspective has global influence that fuels her insatiable hunger to inspire everyone to get to know where their food comes from and how it’s produced. She aims to show people that cooking isn’t a high-brow science and can be tackled by anyone willing to get a little dirty from any background or income level. Girl Carnivore is intended to inspire home cooks to make and share restaurant-quality experiences from scratch anywhere while helping them understand and appreciate where food comes from. 

Girl Carnivore FAQs

Is this a carnivore diet site?

No. This site is a collection of recipes that are heavy on meat. The site was launched in 2013 to hone butchery skills and curate the best collection of savory recipes on the web. No cupcakes, lots of protein. But no, this is not a carnivore diet website. We do practice a low-carb/keto diet and will include those recipe ingredient suggestions when applicable.

What’s your favorite way to cook?

Cast iron over live fire. Trick answer. We have a collection of over 20 grills and lots of cast iron, but we’ve also tested lots of pans and tools. Hands down, our favorite way to cook is an old-fashioned campfire with a good cast iron pan (and by good, we mean Grandma’s well seasoned older than dirt standard 10″ Lodge cast iron skillet—the best). It’s just more fun. But we love to cook and inspire anyone to cook, so don’t get intimidated; we cover everything from how to get the perfect pan sear to an expertly roasted juicy roast for your celebrations and holidays.

How to support your favorite websites (aka, this one)

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Kita has been featured on numerous national TV & media programs and live event stages worldwide as an ambassador, food judge, special guest, and event educator/expert. Her portfolio boasts numerous national partnerships, including GoRving, Head Country, Certified Angus Beef, Char-Broil, Kraft, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Wisconsin Cheese, McCormick, American Lamb Board, Omaha Steaks, Idaho Potatoes, Smithfield, Cabot Cheese, Tony Chachere’s, Western Wood Products, Le Creuset, and more.

She recently launched a spice line with Spiceology and other top barbecue influencers, featuring 3 all-purpose blends, Over Easy – egg & everything blend, Ooomami – Umami Powder, and Chick Feast – a whole30-friendly chicken blend. See the HookUp Collection here.

Kita is the head mixologist for team GirlsCanGrill where they won 1st place at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational BBQ first-ever Shaken and Stirred cocktail contest, Oct. 2022.

Girl Carnivore on Live in the D
Live in the D with Girl Carnivore

When she’s not in the kitchen, Kita is on the road, traveling from one adventure to the next, exploring global cuisine in over 15 countries, teaching photography workshops, gleaning education from agricultural boards & national farming organizations, and partnering with tourism boards to highlight various destinations and worldwide events.

Kita is also a member of the North American Travel Journalist Associate, Society for American Travel Writers, and International Food Wine Travel Writers Association and has been featured on sites like MatadorFood Wine Travel Magazine, and the Travel Channel

She is also an avid mountain biker, camper, and national parks enthusiast and was the co-host of the weekly travel radio show, Travel Itch Radio.

GirlCarnivore on Daytime Columbus
Daytime Columbus with Girl Carnivore

As a trained photographer, Kita prides herself on high-quality, drool-worthy photos to draw her viewers in and keep them hungry. Her content and adventures are devoured daily on her diverse social platforms, where she develops weekly stories and fresh bites for her audience, often live, from culinary hot spots, hidden gems and/or from the kitchen of a brilliant and beloved chef. Kita is always looking to swap stories and share the next meal with a new friend. 

Girl Carnivore on Fox 19
Fox 19 Ohio with Girl Carnivore

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Magazine Press: Girl Camper Spring 2021 | Bikers and Beef : Cattle Business Weekly | Angus Journal | Tri-State Livestock News | Farm Forum | Rapid City Journal | Capital Journal | South Dakota Cattlewomen’s Association | Ocala Magazine

Girl Carnivore Art

With a sassy attitude, lack of social filters, and a serious craving for beef, Kita knew her place wasn’t in the world of baked goods and launched GirlCarnivore to challenge the man’s world of meat. Girl Carnivore has been expanding in quality content, social reach, and exposure since its inception in 2013. And there is still so much more to come.

Girl Carnivore KOTA news

Located in the Las Vegas & Los Angeles area. Available for media appearances and event coverage worldwide.

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Kick ass Girl Carnivore artwork collection from a variety of comic book artists such as Penelopy Gaylord and Kei Phillips