Sick of boring, flavor-lacking burgers that leave you underwhelmed? Get ready to experience burger enlightenment with our over-the-top garlic butter bacon cheeseburger. This is a burger recipe for grown-ups: a juicy masterpiece built around a burger stuffed with compound butter, then topped with all the good stuff – aged cheddar, smoky bacon, caramelized onions, and roasted garlic aioli.

A bacon cheeseburger placed on a plate with curly fries and a side of ketchup on a wooden table. Another burger and decorative plants are visible in the blurred background.

This garlic butter burger recipe is the best way to ramp up your beef recipes. Forget dry, one-note patties. This recipe is a fun twist on the classic bacon cheeseburger infused with a decadent garlic butter core. Each bite explodes with savory goodness, thanks to the rich butter, caramelized onions, and the sharp tang of aged cheddar. 

And let’s not forget the crispy bacon – the ultimate BFF of any great burger. One bite into this burger, and it’s oozing with butter. Your hands will be messy, and you’ll be licking your fingers.

A hand holding a loaded bacon burger near a plate of crispy onion rings with a small container of dipping sauce, on a wooden surface with some greenery in the background.

What Is a Butter Burger?

Our riff on the fast food Sonic version, a butter burger is just like it sounds—a juicy burger stuffed with butter—compound butter, to be exact. We use this method with other burgers, like our harissa butter-stuffed lamb burger and Argentinean butter burger, as it adds a ton of great flavor to the meat. Not only does butter add a ton of flavor, but it also takes lean meat to the next level by adding fat. As a result, the burger becomes more flavorful and less dry. 

​Then, we grill the burgers with hickory wood chips for the ultimate smoky, savory burgers. You have the option of grilling the burgers on a charcoal grill or gas grill, which gives you total flexibility with this recipe.

Ingredients for making burgers, including ground meat, bacon, cheese slices, brioche buns, arugula, garlic, salt, pepper, butter, and mayonnaise, arranged on a black surface.

Garlic Butter Cheeseburger Ingredients

  • Ground Beef – You’ll need one pound ground beef for this recipe. Avoid lean ground beef or your burger will be too dry. Go for 80/20 for juicy results.
  • Kosher Salt – Enhances flavor and draws out moisture for a juicier burger.
  • Roasted Garlic Butter Adds rich, savory garlic flavor to the center.
  • Cooked Bacon – Classic topping for salty, smoky contrast.
  • Diced Onion – Sautéed for sweetness and depth, caramelized for a touch of softness. Use white or red onions.
  • Butter – Browns the onions and adds richness.
  • Cheddar Cheese – Sharp tang balances the richness and savory flavors. Use mild or sharp cheddar cheese. 
  • Hamburger Buns – Choose high-quality buns to hold the burger without getting soggy. Brioche buns are our personal favorite. 
  • Aioli & Arugula – Roasted garlic aioli adds moisture and complements flavors, while peppery arugula adds freshness.

How to Make a Burger Stuffed with Compound Butter

Making the Burgers:

  • Divide your ground beef into 8 equal portions and gently press them into thin patties, about ¼ inch thick.
  • Sprinkle a bit of salt on each patty for extra flavor.
  • Make a small indentation in the center of each patty with your thumb. This helps them cook evenly.
  • Plop a tablespoon of garlic butter into the center of half the patties.
  • Top those buttered patties with the remaining plain patties and pinch the edges to close, like sealing a delicious package.
  • Chill the burgers in the fridge for 2-4 hours. This helps them hold their shape, and the flavors come together nicely.

Getting the Grill Going (Charcoal or Gas):

  • Get your grill fired up for direct heat grilling. Make sure the grates are clean and oiled to prevent sticking.
  • Once the coals are hot (or your gas grill is preheated), close the lid and adjust the vents to get the temperature between 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotter means better sear marks!

For a Charcoal grill: 

Prep your grill for direct heat. Light your charcoal in a charcoal chimney and when it is 70% ashed over, add it to your charcoal grill in the center. Using long tongs, spread the charcoal out for an even layer. 

Add the grill grates and cover the grill with the lid. Adjust the air vents and allow the grill to preheat to 450 – 500 degrees F. 

For a Gas Grill:

Preheat all the burners on your grill. Clean and oil the grates. Close the lid and allow the grill to preheat for about 10 minutes to a temperature of 450-500 degrees F. 

Grilling the Burgers

  • While the grill heats up, grab a small cast iron skillet or griddle and preheat it on the grill. Sauté your diced onions until they turn golden brown and sweet.
  • Once the onions are softening, add a pat of butter and mix it in. Keep an eye on them to avoid burning! You want them soft and caramelized, not charred.
  • Season the outside of your burgers with salt and place them on the hot griddle. Cook for 2-4 minutes per side, depending on how you like your burgers done. 
  • Because of the melty garlic butter, these burgers might cause some flames. Keep an eye on them and use a long spatula to flip and move them for even cooking. Don’t walk away!
  • In the last minute of cooking, add a slice of your favorite cheese to each burger to melt it to gooey perfection.
  • Once cooked, take the burgers off the heat and let them rest on a platter for a minute while you build your masterpiece.

Building Your Dream Burger:

  • If you prefer warm buns, throw them on the grill for a quick toast.
  • Place a bed of peppery arugula on the bottom of the toasted bun.
  • Top it off with that juicy, cheesy garlic butter burger.
  • Don’t forget the crispy bacon strips and those sweet caramelized onions!
  • Spread a generous amount of roasted garlic aioli on the top bun for extra flavor.
  • Pop on the bun, and devour your delicious creation!
A cheeseburger with greens and caramelized onions sits on a rustic plate beside onion rings with a small cup of ketchup. Another similar dish is blurred in the background.

Girl Carnivore Expert Recipe Tips

  • Pre-ground beef can be a lifesaver, but for this recipe, consider grinding your own burger patties. You can control the fat content (around 80/20 is perfect) and freshness, leading to a juicier, more flavorful burger. Ground chuck or ground sirloin would work great in this recipe. 
  • Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of the burgers. Check out our beef temperature guide for your ideal doneness. 
  • Want a kick of umami flavor? Toss in a few sprinkles of Worcestershire sauce!

What to Serve With Butter Bacon Burgers

These juicy burgers deserve classic sides! French fries are a must-have, and duck fat fries will take them over the top. But for a lighter option, try smoked potato salad or a simple side of grilled corn on the cob.

Two burger patties cooking in a cast iron skillet on a grill, with four hamburger buns toasting nearby on the grill grates.

Leftovers & Reheating

Leftover burgers will stay good in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

You have a couple of reheating methods:

  • The Stovetop Method: This is a great option if you want a quick reheat. Heat a large skillet over medium heat with a pat of butter. Add your burger and cook for a few minutes per side or until heated through. Be careful not to overcook it, or it will dry out.
  • The Oven Method: This method is good if you want to reheat multiple burgers at once. Preheat your oven to 300°F (150°C). Wrap the burgers loosely in aluminum foil and place them on a baking sheet pan. Heat for 10-15 minutes or until warmed through.

More Burger Recipes

With this recipe, you can create the best bacon cheeseburgers you’ve ever tasted, all from the comfort of your own backyard.

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Garlic Butter Bacon Cheeseburger

Rate this Recipe!
Prep: 2 hours 10 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Resting Time: 5 minutes
Total: 2 hours 30 minutes
Servings: 4
A cheeseburger with greens and caramelized onions sits on a rustic plate beside onion rings with a small cup of ketchup. Another similar dish is blurred in the background.
Take your burger game to decadent new heights with this insanely flavorful garlic butter bacon cheeseburger! It's overloaded with layers of rich melty garlic herb butter, all beef patties, caramalized onions, roasted garlic aioli, and a smoky bacon crunch.



Prep the Burgers:

  • Divide the pound of beef into 8 equal portions. Gently press into 8 thin patties, about ¼” thick each.
  • Sprinkle each burger patty with a little salt.
  • Gently, dimple the center of each thin patty with your thumb.
  • Add a tablespoon of butter to the center of four of the patties.
  • Top the buttered patties with the remaining four patties and gently press the edges to seal.
  • Place the garlic butter burgers back in the fridge for 2 to 4 hours.

Prep the Grill:

  • Prep your grill for a direct heat grilling. Clean and oil the grates. If adding woodchips, add them now. Nest the grill grates in place.
  • Close the grill and adjust the air vents to allow the grill to preheat to 450-500 degrees.

Grill the Onion and Burgers:

  • Add a small cast iron skillet or griddle to half of the grill to allow it to preheat until just smoking.
  • Add the onions to the dry griddle and allow them to start to caramelize for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add the butter on top and fold it in the onions as they cook, keeping a good eye on them to not burn them over the heat. When the onions are soft, golden, and translucent (6-9 minutes) transfer them and cover to keep warm.
  • Meanwhile, sprinkle the outside of the burger patties with salt and place them on the griddle. Cook for 2 to 4 minutes, flip, and cook 2 to 4 minutes longer to your desired internal temperature.
  • Because they have butter inside, it will melt and can cause flare-ups. Do not leave these unattended, and be prepared with a long spatula to flip and maneuver the burgers for even cooking.
  • Add the cheese during the last minute of cooking to melt.
  • Carefully transfer the cooked burgers to a platter to rest while you build the burgers.


  • Toast the buns, if desired.
  • Arrange the arugula on the bottom of the buns, then place a garlic butter burger on top.
  • Add the bacon and grilled onions.
  • Slather the top half of the bun with the roasted garlic aioli and place over top of the burger.
  • Serve immediately.


We recommend Hickory wood chips when grilling beef burgers.
For a Charcoal grill:
Prep your grill for direct heat. Light your charcoal in a chimney, and when it is 70% ash over, add it to your charcoal grill in the center. Using long tongs, spread the charcoal out for an even layer.
Add the grill grates and cover the grill with the lid. Adjust the air vents and allow the grill to preheat to 450 – 500 degrees F.
For a Gas Grill:
Preheat all the burners on your grill. Clean and oil the grates. Close the lid and allow the grill to preheat for about 10 minutes to 450-500 degrees F.
Helpful Guides:
How to use a charcoal Chimney
How to smoke on a gas grill
Beef Temp Guide
How to Grill a Burger
How to grind your own burgers at home
Additional Recipes:
Roasted Garlic Aioli
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Serving: 1serving | Calories: 821kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Protein: 35g | Fat: 72g | Saturated Fat: 29g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 4g | Monounsaturated Fat: 26g | Trans Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 193mg | Sodium: 1.237mg | Potassium: 592mg | Fiber: 0.5g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 464IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 51mg | Iron: 4mg
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Author: Kita Roberts

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Recipe FAQs

How many burgers does this recipe make?

This recipe makes 4 burgers. We divide the ground beef into 8 patties, but they get pressed together, so you’ll have 4 in total.

Can I use pre-made hamburger patties instead of making my own?

Sure thing! Pre-made patties are a great time-saver. Choose a good quality patty made from fresh 80/20 lean-to-fat ratio ground beef for the best flavor and juiciness. You may need to squish it a little thinner to stack them together with the butter inside.

My burgers keep falling apart on the grill. What am I doing wrong?

A couple of things could be happening. First, make sure your ground beef is at least 80/20 and that the burgers are nice and cold before grilling. This helps them hold their shape. Second, don’t overwork the meat when forming the patties. Pressing too hard can make them crumbly. Finally, be gentle when flipping the burgers. Use a long spatula and avoid pressing down on them.

What if I don’t have a cast iron skillet or griddle?

No problem! You can use a regular grill pan or even cook the burgers directly on the grill grates. Just be mindful of flare-ups because of the melting garlic butter.

Can I use a different type of cheese?

Absolutely! Cheddar is a classic, but feel free to experiment with other favorites like Swiss, Pepper Jack, or even blue cheese for a bolder flavor.

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