Sausages, brats, whatever you like to call them… Time for some Epic Hot Dogs! July is #‎nationalhotdogmonth, and these are the most mouth-watering dogs. From bacon-wrapped brats to cheese stuffed and fully-loaded weiners there is enough inspiration to get you through every day of the month without doubling up.

Bring on the hot dogs!

Platter of hot dogs from above with variety of toppings

Looking for a big bold dog to toss on the grill this weekend? Stock up on the best hot dogs your money can buy and load up the toppings bar because these are the weenies you’ve been waiting for.

Serve them alongside a fun platter of nachos, grilled wings, and an ice-cold cocktail (for the +21 crowd). Oh, and of course a burger or two.

What Makes A Hot Dog Epic?

First, you need to start with the right hot dog or brat.

After that, it comes down to building the flavors on flavors to achieve that perfect balance of meat and filling.

You can do the regional specials, like the Chicago style with the bright green relish and French fries. Or you can go with the classics like slathering chili over a simple hot dog.

30 Epic Hot Dogs for Your Next Barbecue on #nationalhotdogmonth

The sweet simplicity of hot dog (or sausage, or brat) and lightly toasted bun allows for endless creativity. I offer thirty recipes here, but let’s face it, that isn’t even scratching the surface of possibilities.

So let this be your guide to creating more inspiration. No need to ever be bored with a hot dog and bun ever again. That’s a promise.

Selecting The Right Hot Dogs And Brats

For hot dogs lovers, most people agree a hot dog should have a bit of snap, plenty of juiciness, and actually taste like meat.

Unless of course, you are going the veggie dog route. But this is about meaty dogs and brats. Look for the dogs and brats with the least added ingredients like colorants and “by products” of meat. Which is just an oblique way of saying you might be eating parts of the animal no civilized person would consider without being extremely inebriated.

I am a huge fan of premium dogs for special occasions (Porter Road makes a great all natural dog that I love and is great for individuals with food sensitivities, and Hassle Cattle makes fun wagyu franks) and a classic Ball Park for any other day of the week.

All Pork Vs All Beef Franks

This comes down to purely a matter of taste. Some folks love the juiciness of all pork, while others prefer the big beef flavor.

For brands you can find at most markets, Ball Park is my top choice with an all beef bun-sized frank. Niman Ranch does a nice all pork dog. Oscar Meyer is a pork and beef mix and is a classic frank for a reason. Nathans also gets great ratings, but I am biased and reserve those for train stops in and out of NY city.

Now, on to the round up of the

Best hot dog recipes for grilling this summer

30 Epic Hot Dog Recipes

Whether you want hot dogs to feed the family or something over the top to grill while hanging out with the guys, we have all the recipes from smoked to stuffed to layered, wrapped and loaded. Fire up the grills it's #nationalhotdogmonth.

More Great Items For Summer Grilling

I use my grill all year long, but for those of you that only come out to grill when weather permits easier grilling, here is some inspiration for firing up the grill!

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