Editorial Guidelines

Our Commitment

At GirlCarnivore®, we’re breaking down the rich flavors of foodways with a focus on meat science and its variety of cuts. Since 2013, we’ve strived to offer educational, engaging, and insightful content designed for aspiring cooks. We believe that expertise takes many forms but often involves getting your hands dirty. And we tap into all of it, whether from ranchers, farmers, or home cooks. Here’s how we uphold our goals:

  • Educational Value: Our core aim is to break down all aspects of meat, from nose to tail, butchery to plate (Literally). We believe that knowing where your food came from and how it got to your plate will make every consumer more responsible. We want to make cheap or uncommon cuts shine because there’s more to a cow than just the ribeye. A whole lot more (but we also love a good ribeye).
  • Expertise: We collaborate with butchers, ranchers, farmers, and experts in the field, incorporating their know-how and experiences into our content.
  • Diversity: Our recipes and articles respect the culinary traditions of American and global foodways. And, hopefully, inspire our readers to explore and taste new flavor profiles. We also believe in the diversity of farming, that there’s not one way to feed the world. And we try to promote ranchers and farmers from coast to coast without bias.
  • Accessibility: We create content that isn’t just for master chefs but for anyone who wants to have an ‘ah-ha!’ moment in the kitchen. We don’t think we’re the only meat nerds out there. And if we’re right, this is the site for you.

Types of Content

We offer content designed to help our readers in the kitchen or over the campfire, including:

  • Tested Recipes: Verified by our team for accuracy and taste.
  • How-To Guides: Offering a deeper understanding of cooking techniques, methods, and skills.
  • Videos: Extra content aimed at visual learners to give a brief overview of the information.

Authorship & Expertise

Our content’s written by people for people, with no fluff but possibly, a little sass, and a whole lot of meat nerdiness. You don’t have to be an expert or brand new to the kitchen (or grill); Just curious about how to cook better or where your food comes from. We have learned from experts for our content, whether that’s a rancher who can teach about land management, butchers who can explain the intricacies of different meat cuts, or seasoned home cooks sharing beloved family recipes.

We also believe in lifelong learning and are committed to continual education and in-depth research when we’re stumped on topics (and no, that does not just mean Googling and assuming what we find is right). From butchery demos to meat education, we’ve done it and will continue to learn more. (London broil… is it a cut or a method? Let’s find out)

Ethical Concerns and Conflicts

We take pride in the quality and integrity of our content. It’s against our policy to publish automatically generated content without research or fact-checking or to accept gifts or money that could compromise our editorial independence. We do work with sponsors and partners but will always disclose sponsored posts, and we’re picky about who we work with. We want our partnerships to be genuine and bring value to our readers (like modern-day culinary matchmakers).

Some links on our site are affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission on your purchase (no one’s paying the mortgage on affiliate marketing). However, we only link to brands or products we have worked with, know, and love. And sometimes we don’t. We believe shopping local is better than free shipping but are reliant on Amazon for things too. We know that a cheap Lodge skillet will last lifetimes and is just as good as an expensive enamel cast iron pan, and we try to give neutral non-biased opinions on things.

Correction Policy

If you find an error that merits correction, please reach out to info@girlcarnivore.com. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of accuracy but are known for our typos and will promptly address any concerns. Comments on the site that are rude, distasteful, or could be considered bullying will be immediately deleted.

Product Testing Guidelines

All products we recommend—from cookware to the best grills—are tested by our in-house professionals 3 to 5 times at minimum to ensure their quality and effectiveness. While we do receive some products from manufacturers, we also purchase items to maintain our commitment to unbiased reporting. Our evaluations may include expert-to-expert comparisons aimed at helping you make the best choice for your needs or simply a review with a commitment to transparency to always give the reader our honest feedback.

Why Trust Our Recommendations?

In a digital age where listicles are a dime a dozen and anyone with an internet connection can tout themselves as an expert, genuine experience and tried-and-tested knowledge reign supreme. This is where we set ourselves apart. With over a decade of hands-on grilling experience and a history of engaging with dozens of grills — from the classic charcoal burners to the latest high-tech, app-connected contraptions — our recommendations are born from a place of practical mastery and a deep passion for the craft. We take education to the next level and have studied not just techniques but foodways from coast to coast. We have shown up, gotten our hands dirty, and will continue to do so as we grow and learn along with every one of you.

While big sites offer valuable insights, their coverage is often limited by commercial pressures and the constraints of rapid content production. Our approach, however, is different. We’re not just faceless writers; we’re seasoned cooks and grillmasters who understand the nuances that make a grill more than just a cooking device or a dish more than just a recipe, but a family favorite. We know that the best grilling experience comes from the perfect combination of heat management, ease of use, durability, and flavor enhancement — and our hands-on testing rigorously assesses these qualities. We know money doesn’t always buy the best choice for your needs.

We’re committed to transparency and authenticity. When we recommend a grill, it’s because we’ve personally loaded the briquettes, felt the heat on our faces (maybe even singed some eyebrow hairs), and savored the smoky flavor of perfectly cooked meat. Our reviews are the culmination of burns you can only get from grill grates, flare-ups, and the quest for whether grill marks are better than an edge-to-edge sear (ask us, we have an opinion on that too). We share our grilling triumphs and learning curves, giving you the kind of insight that only comes from real-life use and a steadfast dedication to the art of grilling, cooking, and learning about meat.

So when you’re seeking advice on which grill to buy, what meal to make, where to look for that special holiday roast, remember that with us, you’re getting more than just a list — you’re getting a decade of backyard BBQs, a community of enthusiasts, and a trove of grilling wisdom that can only be earned through experience. Trust us to help you find not just a recipe, a new place to buy meat, or what new grill you should check out, but an extension of your culinary passion.

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