Gas Grilled Rotisserie Picanha

Ingredients For the Picanha –  3.5 to 5 lbs top sirloin with fat cap on known as picaña –  1 tbsp olive oil –  1 tbsp salt –  1 tbsp steak seasoning –  2 to 4 tbsp Gaucho Steakhouse Rub see note*

For the Chimichurri – 1 shallot –  6 garlic cloves –  1 frenso chili stemmed and seeds discarded –  ½ cup fresh parsley stems removed –  ¼ cup cilantro –  1 – 2 tbsp fresh oregano see note* –  3 tbsp red wine vinegar –  1  tsp salt –  ½ cup canola oil –  ¼ extra virgin olive oil

1. Remove the beef from the package and pat dry. 2. On a clean work surface, using a sharp knife, skewer the fat cap by making long shallow slices through the fat. 3. Season liberally with salt 4. Slice the meat into 4 to 5 long evenly weighed strips,

5. Rub the meat with the oil and sprinkle with the steak seasoning and Gaucho Steakhouse Rub 6. Carefully, skewer the meat, folding it into a ‘C’ shape while threading it on the spit, from the bottom fold to the top. 7. Repeat with all of the slices.

8. Set up your grill for rotisserie operation according to the manufacturers instructions. 9. Add a pan under where the meat will be to catch any drippings. 10. Add a ½ cup water to the pan. 11. Preheat the grill to 325 to 350 degrees. 12. If  using, place wood chip packet on burner while grill is preheating 5 to  10 minutes

13.  Place the spit into the motor and turn it on. 14. Close the lid and allow the meat to cook 20-25 minutes. 15.  Turn off the motor and temp the meat. Pull the meat from the grill at 130 degrees for medium-rare, with a rare center. 16.  While remaining on the spit, allow the meat to rest, covered, for 10 minutes.

17. Make the Chimichurri 18. Serve!