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  1. Denise says

    I absolutely rest my steaks (poultry and pork, too). I never used to, but once I discovered the resting method, I never looked back. The difference in the juiciness of the meat is amazing.

    • Tony says

      Can I get this done in a regular non stick am a not so professional chef “at home dad” and I’m trying to suprise my wife with something new than just a traditionally cooked steak.. Please help

      • Kita says

        Hey Tony, you can def try this in an oven safe pan. Cast iron holds and disburses heat incredibly well, which is what creates the amazing crust. You want to make sure that whatever pablo you use can hold up to the hugh heat of the oven. Another option would be to sear in the pan and use a preheated baking dish to finish. I hope this turns out great! I am sure shewill appreciate it. Tag us in pics if you make the steaks! #girlcarnivore

        • Tony says

          Wish I had gotten this sooner she devoured hers and I mine it turned out great, just have to upgrade my cook warelol other than that it was amazing. I did however make a sauteed mushroom gravy with the juices left over, it was an awesome topper and something great to dip bread in. Thank you for your help💙💙

  2. MIke Wascher says

    My favorite steak and my favorite way of cooking it. There’s a US Grade Prime Ribeye, proportions that’d satisfy Fred Flintstone, in the Fridge for tomorrow. This is the way I’ll be cooking it, though with a ribeye as large as a roast a sojourn in the oven to finish it may be necessary.

  3. shobee says

    Boy, I am one of those who never used thermometer when I cooked steak, and t did not even crossed my mind to do so. Will use thermometer next time, and I am looking forward for the perfect, juicy and delicious steak. Thank you.

  4. Rebecca Blackwell says

    Hello, my name is Rebecca, and I’m terrible at overcooking steak. 🙂 Well… I should say that I WAS terrible at it because I followed all your tips and made a perfectly cooked steak last night for dinner. Seriously, so good! Thank you!

  5. Danielle says

    It’s been a while since I tried other steak recipes (I have a few that I consider my favorite) but when I stumbled upon your recipe, it made me really want to make it and see if it’s time to update my list. Love the beef temps for cooking table – so handy!

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