BBQ Brisket Egg Sandwich

BBQ Brisket Egg Sandwich via
Eggs. The wonder food of the universe. Packed with all the healthy things your body needs with scaring people into watching their cholesterol all at the same time. Trends come and go on whether the edible egg is really that healthy for you, and I can’t say I will ever care know. I’m not down with too much food science and up until a few years ago, I couldn’t stomach the thought of eggs. Now a days, I am learning a love for the creamy little delights. Especially when I can turn it into an excuse to eat leftover pulled brisket for breakfast. Put cheese and beef on a stick, and I’d probably nibble on it for a minute or two.

Lucky for you this breakfast sandwich is quick, easy, and a hell of a lot more chewy than anything on a stick.

Forget cereal, make breakfast meaty.
BBQ Brisket Egg Sandwich via

BBQ Brisket Egg Sandwich via


  1. If I ate this for breakfast, my days would start off a lot better.

  2. I love everything about this, Kita! Everything needs an egg on top!

  3. This is such a great twist on the classic breakfast sandwich. They can get a little boring!

  4. Looks like I just found my next yummy breakfast!!

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