The Ultimate Grilled Turkey Sandwich

A warm pile of fresh sliced turkey, sharp cheese, and everything else I could lay my eyes on while whipping up lunch. That’s a real sandwich.

That’s right, it’s the Ultimate Grilled Turkey Sandwich. Your lunch never has to look sad or boring again.


- White bread - Mayo - Sliced turkey - Cheddar cheese - Avocado - Bacon - White onion - Egg


Arrange the sliced bread and smear a thin layer of mayo on top.

Pile on the fixings, turkey, cheese, avocado, bacon, and onion.

Press in a preheated griddle, sandwich press, or skillet, until golden brown and cheese has started to melt.

Serve on platter with hot fried egg on top.

Jab a toothpick right through the center of the egg so that the yolk runs out and creates a creamy mess.

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