Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Fatty Recipe

What is bacon wrapped fatty? A bacon wrapped fatty is essentially a smoked sausage stuffed log. 


– bacon – pork sausage – BBQ sauce – seasoning – mac and cheese

Thick-cut bacon is weaved together, topped with pork sausage and homemade mac and cheese, then rolled up into a log and smoked until steamy and crispy.

Once you have mastered the woven deliciousness part, you can put your signature spin on them in a thousand different ways.

What the fatty is filled with varies and I have seen everything from cheesesteak to burger fixings inside of them.

Once filled, fold the bacon in on itself to secure, then sprinkle with additional seasoning.

Lay the BBQ pork fatty, seam side down. Cover and smoke until the internal temperature reaches 165ºF and the bacon is crispy, then remove from the smoker. Cool, slice, and serve.

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