Diner-style omelets are always a recipe favorite for brunch or breakfast but this one is so easy to make at home! It uses three eggs and leftover tender shredded pork simmered in a green sauce to make the perfect chile verde omelette! It’s been my go-to brunch obsession as of late and you’re going to love it.

Huge hearty omelets, just like at the diner

I first discovered pork chile verde omelets on the west coast, sitting at a cafe in San Lois Obispo, California, where the temptation for a savory egg breakfast where a loaded tomatillo sauce smothered tender pork and fluffy eggs lured me in on the menu. Not wanting to leave anyone out, Colorado is also known for a green chile omelette with hatch chiles.

This version is rich with a pulled pork that was simmered in the fresh verde sauce with charred tomatillos before being folded into a three-egg omelet. And honestly, because the pulled pork is leftovers, most of the hard work is done before you even wake up, making this over-the-top breakfast a breeze. The hardest part will be choosing your toppings (and folding the egg for the omelet, that one gets me every time).

Using up leftovers for amazing diner-style omelets may be some of my favorite brunch recipe ideas. From leftover cheeseburger omelets, luxurious crab-stuffed omelets, or even prime rib omelets, they make hardy fillings and use up the leftovers in the fridge.

No one complains about leftovers when they are transformed like this – and it’s just like sitting at your favorite old school diner minus the busy weekend wait time.

Ingredients for Pork Chile Verde Omelette

  • Leftover pulled pork
  • verde sauce
  • eggs
  • salt, pepper, and GirlCarnivore Over Easy blend
  • and then have fun picking toppings like jalapeno, avocado, tomatoes, crema and cilantro

Ingredient Notes:

Leftover pork verde chile is the base for this recipe BUT, I am not using my Colorado green chili for it.

Instead, I am using pulled pork I reheat in a chile verde sauce. By adding the pork to the green sauce, you control how moist it gets, keeping the omelet filling from getting too soupy.

How to Make Chile Verde Omelets

Eggs cook quickly, and the faster your omelet cooks, the more tender it is, so make sure you have all of your ingredients ready and nearby to work through the steps of this recipe with ease.

Start by whisking the eggs vigoursly and add just a tiny splash of water while your pan preheats over medium heat.

Add butter and swirl it to coat the pan. The moment the butter stops foaming, it’s time to add the eggs.

Gently, drag the outside of the egg in, pulling it towards the center, while rotating the pan to refill the gaps before placing the pork verde on the still wet eggs.

Omelets continue to cook with heat and steam as you fold them, so don’t cook them to done before the fold.

Turns out taking photos while you make omeletes isn’t conducive to the best eggs. You’ve been warned.

Finally, fold the eggs over one half, and then using your pro stills, flip the remaining half over top when you slide the eggs out from the pan onto the prepared plate.

Alternatively, admit that the tri-fold is hard and settle for a single fold in half which is much easier.

Tips, Tricks, & Substitutions

There is argument on the interwebs for adding water, milk, or nothing to eggs for a perfect omelet. Personally, I stick with a tiny splash of water, as it creates little steam bubbles in the eggs, which I like.

Cast iron is my go-to pan. EXCEPT for when making omelets. I use an Anolon Non-stick pan, and have for years. It releases the egg cleanly if pre-heated properly.

If you have shredded chicken, it would work as a great substitute for the pulled pork in this recipe.

GirlCarnivore Pro Tip: Warm the plates in a preheated oven. This keeps the eggs warm longer as you enjoy them (More time for mimosas). Only use oven or microwave safe pans and only keep them in the oven, preheated to its lowest setting, for a few minutes before you’re going to serve the food. Otherwise, you risk cracking the dish.

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Pork Chile Verde Omelette

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Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes
Total: 15 minutes
Servings: 2
A favorite savory breakfast chile verde omelette, loaded with simmered pork in a green sauce and topped with fresh bright flavors. The best part, is the pulled pork is leftovers, making this resturant style recipe a breeze to make!

Recommended Equipment

  • Anolon Non-Stick Pan, 8.5"


For the Omelette

  • 6 Eggs divided
  • 2 tbsp butter divided
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 tsp Girl Carnivore Over Easy
  • 1/2 cup Pork chile verde reheated
  • 1/2 cup Green chile verde sauce warmed

For Garnish

  • Peppers
  • Charred corn
  • Scallions
  • Cotija or queso fresco
  • Jalapeno
  • Avocado
  • tomatoes


Prep the plate

  • Prep two oven safe plates with green chile verde sauce spooned into the venter.
  • Place the plates a preheated oven on its lowest temperature, around 180 to keep the plate warm. Only do this the moment before you are about to make the omellete.

Prep the Eggs

  • Vigorously whisk 3 eggs in a bowl with a splash of water.
  • Preheat pan over medium heat

Make the Pork Chile Verde Omlette

  • Add 1 tbsp butter to the pan and swirl to coat.
  • Add eggs once butter has stopped foaming.
  • Gently push eggs inwards working on points around the pan to evenly move
  • Rotate the pan to slide the eggs back over until the eggs have set
  • While the center is still under done, as it will continue to cook when you fold, season with a pinch of salt and pepper along with Girl Carnivore Over Easy blend.
  • Spoon half of the pork chiles verde down the center, or over one half, depending on your fold techeqnique
  • Using the pan as leverage, and your spatula, fold one third of the omelette over the pork.
  • Shimmy the pan, and the unfolded side of the omelette to the edge of the pan.
  • Place the pan back in the oven while you repeat making the next omelet with the remaining eggs, butter, pork and sauce.

Fold the Chiles Verde Omelette onto the pan

  • Carefully remove the warmed plate from the oven.
  • Flip the omelette out gently, using your spatula, allowing the omelette to roll onto itself, creating that perfect shape.


  • With the pork chile omlette plated over the extra green sauce, garnish with your favorite desired toppings..
  • Choose from a medly of charred corn kernels, sliced jalapenos, sliced mini sweet peppers, avocado, crema, cotija or queso fresco, cilantro and sliced tomatoes. Sprinkle a little extra Girl Carnivore Over Easy blend on top.
  • Serve hot.


This recipe stands well on its own, and fills you up, but pairs with hashbrowns or diced potatoes, black beans, or even refried beans if you like. 
Add some extra heat by serving with green and red hot sauce. 
Leftovers? Reheating eggs is never good. Try to store any leftover pork in it’s own container without egg, in an airtight container in the fridge up to 3 days. Make fresh eggs when ready to enjoy. 
Not into fancy omelets? This works well as a scramble too! 


Serving: 1g | Calories: 426kcal | Carbohydrates: 17g | Protein: 25g | Fat: 28g | Saturated Fat: 13g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 8g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 547mg | Sodium: 1161mg | Potassium: 192mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 13g | Vitamin A: 1554IU | Vitamin C: 3mg | Calcium: 114mg | Iron: 3mg
Course: Breakfast, brunch
Cuisine: American, Fusion
Author: Kita Roberts

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