Meat Lovers Skillet Frittata

A skillet frittata is my favorite way to use up leftovers and create a hearty breakfast all in one skillet and without baking – but totally on the cooktop or camp stove while camping!

INGREDIENTS  You need your leftover meats, chopped up into bite-sized pieces, potatoes diced into even cubes, leftover vegetables chopped up, eggs, and cheese.

What meats can you use in a frittata? What I love about this egg dish is that you can toss pretty much anything in and it will work. I used a variety of leftover ground beef we had cooked for tacos, chopped ham, and already cooked maple breakfast sausages.

Is there a formula for filling to eggs? There is a balance to a good frittata. A fluffy egg + hearty meat and delicious filling + creamy cheese = magic.

What veggies can I use? I tossed in a ton of potatoes, tomatoes, and scallions for this down and dirty campfire meal. But you can mix in a variety of vegetables for a frittata.

Oh and Cheese Pretty much all and any cheese will work in a frittata. But if you want the cheese to melt throughout the frittata, a good melting cheese will go a long way.