Frito Frittata

Frito Frittata from

I know what you’re thinking. Gross.

Well, you’re wrong.

Even though this frittata sounds nothing like it’s classic savory egg big brother, I’m here to tell you it’s freaking awesome. Even I was skeptical about the Frito baked, tabasco loaded meaty breakfast. And then I took my first bite. And after the searing burns on my tongue calmed down, I took another. I was in love. Impressed. And shocked by how well this all came together.

I get that the ingredients sound weird, but it works.

Trust me.

Frito Frittata from

Frito Frittata from


  1. emily willingham says:

    when do you put the fritos in? or are they just sprinkled on top?? the recipe doesn’t say.

  2. I was not thinking gross at all! I was thinking totally genius! Looks amazing, Kita!

  3. You must not know me at all cause there’s no way I was thinking gross ;-)

  4. Whoa. I’m NOT thinking gross. I’m thinking that I choose my friends well.

  5. Mother of pearl.

    There’s nothing more to say.


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