Weeknight Wok Fried Pork Lo Mein

This quick stir fry really fits the bill for all of your dinner needs.

It’s delicious, fast, and heck, even a little healthy  (just don’t shove piles of pasta on your plate). Grab your wok, and get to cooking!


- Pork loin - Soba noodles - Oyster sauce - Teriyaki sauce - Rice wine - Canola oil - Sesame oil - Ginger


Slice the pork into thin strips and set aside.

Cook the pasta in salted water according to the manufactures directions.

In a large wok over medium-heat, place the oil and sesame oil and swirl to coat.

Toss the onion and red pepper into the wok. Toss and cook 1 to 2 minutes.

Pour the teriyaki mixture over the veggies and return the pork, with any accumulated juices back to the pan.

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Large Radish
Large Radish