Italian Ciabatta Sandwich

This kicking ciabatta sandwich features fun accoutrements on a nice ciabatta bread. It’s portable and packed with flavor for game day.

I have tried these submarine sandwiches in other parts of the country. They are just depressing knock offs of what should be a joyous thing  with a few thin slices of meat, piled high with wilting iceberg lettuce on a limp roll.


- jar marinated artichoke - jarred roasted red pepper - sandwich oil - ciabatta rolls - deli sliced hard salami - deli sliced chorizo - deli sliced capicola - provolone cheese


Pile the salami, chorizo, capicola and provolone evenly between each of the 4 rolls. Top with the artichoke mixture and top of rolls.

Tightly wrap each sandwich in aluminum foil. Chill overnight if making ahead (*If making ahead, you may wish to reserve the oil drizzle to before heating to avoid soggy roll syndrome).

Place sandwiches in oven or on pre-heated grill for 20 minutes, checking to see if heated through, and cheese is melted.

A proper Italian hoagie is magic, covered in oil, on a perfect roll, piled high with a variety of deli meats and cheese and topped with all the trimmings. It’s something we just do right.

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