Instant Pot Country Style Pork Ribs

Wanting finger-licking ribs in a fraction of the time, we decided to take use of everyone’s favorite countertop appliance for these instant pot country-style pork ribs. 

They were done in under an hour and finished in our favorite BBQ sauce making for a quick, easy, and satisfying meal that will become a staple in your rotation.


- Pork ribs - Orange juice - Chicken broth - Bar-B-Q sauce - Garlic  - Paprika - Cumin - Mustard powder - Granulated garlic


Whisk the salt, paprika, dried mustard, and granulated garlic in a small bowl.

Season each country style pork rib, turning to coat all sides.

Add the orange juice, chicken broth, and Head Coutnry Bar-b-q sauce to the instant pot and stir to combine.

Nestle the pork in to the pot Cover and secure the lid. Set the instant pot to cook for 25 minutes.

When the pressure cooker is done, allow it to release pressure naturally for 5 minutes before finishing venting with a manual release according to your pressure cookers instructions.

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