After weeks of pushing this ceramic beast to its limits, grilling, smoking—the whole nine. Ready for the honest truth on whether Joe’s latest live-fire innovation is worth it?

A red Kamado Joe grill is on a wooden deck, with a tray of seasoned chicken pieces placed on its side shelf.

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Looking to up your grill game with smart tech? The Konnected Joe promises to turn your traditional charcoal cooker into a WiFi-connected, temperature-controlled powerhouse. As grilling experts who’ve gotten hands-on with this gadget, we’re breaking down whether it’s a must-have upgrade or an overhyped gimmick.

From the moment we unboxed this ceramic beast, we knew we were in for something special (mainly because it’s our favorite color and looks darned good). We’re talking heavy-duty craftsmanship, sure, but also brilliant design elements that make even seasoned grillers like us giddy. We’ve spent weeks pushing the Konnected to its limits. And at this point, we feel like we’ve decided whether or not it’s worthy of the hype. Keep reading, but the answer is yes, it is.

It’s pretty, it’s fun, and it’s downright simple to use. It allows you the option to go fully automated or manage your grill the old-fashioned way. The question is, after using all of the features, would you ever want to? 

Will live fire enthusiasts hate it? Let them try


Pros: This grill is sturdy and so simple to use with the big bold flavor you only get from using charcoal. So good it made our list of the best grills to buy.
Cons: It’s heavy and, we won’t lie, there is some sticker shock.
Price: $1699.00 at time of publish
Where to Buy: This grill isn’t available everywhere. Your best best is a directly through the Kamado Joe site or an official dealer, like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, or BBQGuys online.

Two seasoned and cooked chicken halves on a round grill grate, viewed from above.

What is the Kamado Joe Konnected?

Meet the KONNECTED JOE™ Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker, a grill that’s prime to level up the outdoor cooking experience. It combines the best of traditional ceramic grilling with the latest technology. Perfect for both seasoned grillers and home cooks, this grill is all about making your outdoor cooking more precise and convenient.

Kamado Joe has a reputation for crafting high-quality ceramic grills known for their performance and versatility. The Konnected is their latest innovation, featuring advanced tech to enhance your grilling without losing the classic kamado charm.

Lighting a fire with the Konnected is a breeze. Just press the Automatic Firestarter button, and your charcoal ignites effortlessly. 

Once lit, you can set your desired cooking temperature using the digital Kontrol Board or the Kamado Joe App. The built-in Kontrol Fan takes over, maintaining the temperature you set. This grill offers flexibility with multiple cooking functions. If you want full digital control, use the automatic cook mode to set and forget.

Prefer a hands-on approach? Switch to classic mode for a more traditional kamado grilling experience. Read our guide on How to use a Kamado Grill for more tips on using any ceramic cooker.

What You’ll Use it for

Everything. This powerhouse packs all the convenience of a pellet grill with the flavor you can only get from charcoal. The biggest pro for a ceramic-style grill is how well it holds heat once it gets there, making it great for long cooks; plus, with the right coals, it can get hot enough to make even the best pizza crust.
Low and Slow: We love it for smoked chicken (check out the rotisserie attachment), and low and slow smoking like beef ribs or whole turkey.
Fast cooking: Searing steaks, Grilling Burgers
The only thing you need to watch out for is griddle grilling. Some of our standard griddle pans and cast iron skillets didn’t fit when closing the lid. Check out our Cuisinart Griddle Review if you’re looking for a flattop griddle grill with room to go full-on Hibachi.

Close-up of a Kamado Joe grill display screen showing an adjustment for the top vent, currently open at 25%. Various control icons are visible on the left side of the screen.

Performance & Functionality:

Core Features

The Konnected is packed with advanced features designed to enhance your grilling and smoking experience:

  • AFS (Automatic Fire Starter): Instantly light your charcoal with the press of a button, eliminating the need for charcoal chimneys or fire starters.
  • Digital Kontrol Board: Set and monitor temperatures, receive alerts, and switch between multiple cook modes with ease or in the Kamado Joe app.
  • Temperature Control: Kontrol Fan automatically maintains your desired temperature from 225°F to 700°F.
  • Automatic and Manual Cook Modes: Choose between full digital control for ease or traditional manual control for a classic kamado experience.
A red Kamado Joe ceramic grill with a temperature gauge on top and a digital control panel displaying 320°F, placed on an outdoor deck.

The Kamado Vs Other Grills:

Using the Konnected is really straightforward and precise. One of the best features is the Automatic Fire Starter, which lets you light the charcoal with just a button press. This, along with the digital controls, makes the whole grilling and smoking process smooth and easy. The digital fan keeps the temperature steady, so you get perfect results every time without fire management.

The Konnected combines the best aspects of traditional ceramic grills like the Big Green Egg with the modern precision of pellet smokers or even the Masterbuilt Gravity Fed grill. 

The Big Green Egg is known for its excellent build quality and versatility (aka being first to market with a great brand strategy) but lacks the digital features that make the Konnected unique. 

On the flip side, the Masterbuilt Gravity series offers advanced digital controls but misses out on the classic ceramic grilling experience, as it is more of a traditional offset charcoal grill (with tech).

The Konnected Joe bridges this gap perfectly, offering both high-tech features and the traditional benefits of ceramic grilling.


The Konnected Joe retails for $1699, putting it at the higher end of the market due to its advanced features and innovative technology. 

In a world of already pricey grills, it’s $400 more than the Classic Joe Series II and around $600 more than the Big Green Egg 18.25″. However, it stands out for its seamless tech integration and useability, providing a more modern grilling experience.

Considering its performance and features, it offers excellent value for the price. The user-friendliness of the automatic fire starter, its precise temperature control via the digital Kontrol Board and/or Kamado Joe App, and the consistent heat management provided by the programmed fan make this grill a worthwhile investment for serious grill enthusiasts and newbies looking for high-tech enhancements in their grilling experience. 

The combination of traditional ceramic cooking with modern technology offers a unique and superior grilling experience that justifies the higher price point.

Additional Costs: You can buy tons of attachments and fun other add-ons for this grill if you want (sear plates, we’re looking at you), but they are all optional.
The only additional cost for the Konnected will be electricity when you plug it in charcoal. We recommend lump charcoal for a Kamado grill and always use Cowboy Brand because it has no additives or chemicals.

A seasoned steak cooks on a grill with glowing coals beneath. A bag of Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chunks is placed next to the grill.

Who is it for?:

The Konnected Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker is designed for a younger, tech-savvy griller, from beginners to seasoned grill masters. We’re grilling pros, and we love it, but we’d also recommend it to anyone just starting out (who obviously wants to go big on their first grill purchase). 

  • Beginners: If you’re just starting out with ceramic grills, the Konnected offers a user-friendly experience with its automatic fire starter and digital controls, making it easy to achieve perfect grilling results without the steep learning curve.
  • Experienced Grillers: For those who are already skilled in grilling, it gives the long heat and hardiness that only an egg-style grill can provide with all the modern bells and whistles.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: If you appreciate modern technology and want to integrate it into your grilling, it offers smart features like WiFi connectivity, app control, and automated temperature management.
  • Hands-Off Cooks: Those who prefer a more hands-off approach will benefit from the automatic cook mode and precise temperature control, reducing the need for constant monitoring and adjustment.
  • Anyone who wants to grill and smoke: Whether you enjoy smoking meats at low temperatures or searing steaks at high heat, it provides versatile cooking options to suit various styles.

We point out this grill is for tech-savvy people because many people love the benefit of digital apps right on their phones that let them monitor everything. Combined with the onboard connected system, this packs a double whammy of tech features. If you aren’t into all of the tech, we recommend sticking with the original Joe series.

Who is it not for: 

  • Anyone without a backyard: Given its weight and size, this grill requires a dedicated outdoor space. It’s ideal for those with a spacious backyard or a well-equipped outdoor kitchen.
  • Anyone on a Budget: This is not a budget-friendly option. It’s best suited for users who are willing to invest in high-quality, high-tech grilling equipment. Our favorite budget friendly grills? You can’t beat the Weber Kettle, it’s a classic or the Pit Barrel Smoker. 

After testing the Konnected Joe for a few weeks with a variety of cooks, from hot and fast to low and slow, we love this grill and feel it’s a revolutionary addition to the grilling space.

While it doesn’t offer the same primitive satisfaction as managing a live fire and building a dual-zone fire (which you could technically still do by using the deflector plates), its practicality, convenience, and accuracy make it an outstanding choice. This grill takes the guesswork out of grilling, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned grillers.

Two seasoned chicken halves are being cooked on a red ceramic charcoal grill with smoke rising from them.

Kamado Joe Konnected Pros and Cons:


  • Ease of Use: The Automatic Firestarter and digital controls simplify the grilling process.
  • Precision: Accurate temperature control through the digital functions and Kamado Joe App ensures great results.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various cooking styles, whether grilling or smoking.
  • Convenience: Features like the Kontrol Fan, Air Lift Hinge, and 2-Tier Cooking System enhance functionality and what you can cook on the grill.


  • Lack of Traditional Fire Management: For those who enjoy the hands-on experience of managing a live fire, this grill might feel less satisfying. However,, you can still use it without any of the built-in tech, like a traditional ceramic grill. We also think this con is technically its biggest pro.
  • Price: At $1699, it’s an investment that may not fit all budgets. (Remember when that could buy you a car?!)
  • Space Requirement: Requires a dedicated outdoor space due to its size and weight. This baby is heavy, and you won’t want to be moving it around too much.

Want an even closer look at all of the buttons and features of this baby? Check out the in-depth breakdown from GirlsCanGrill.

Final Verdict:

We highly recommend the Konnected for anyone looking to upgrade their grilling experience with some snazzy advanced technology.

Although it may not offer the tactile satisfaction of traditional fire management, its ease, precision, and versatility make it a top choice. If you’re serious about grilling and willing to invest in a high-quality, high-tech grill, the Konnected is a must-have.

It gets 10 out of 10 enthusiastic stars from us.

Full transparency: Kamado Joe sent me this grill to test. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

More Helpful Grilling Guides


What is a kamado grill (ceramic grill)?

A kamado grill, also known as a ceramic grill, is a versatile outdoor cooker with a thick, insulated body that retains heat and moisture exceptionally well. This timeless design allows for a range of cooking methods, including grilling, smoking, roasting, and baking. Originating in Asia thousands of years ago, kamado grills like the Konnected Joe have become popular for their efficiency and ability to maintain consistent temperatures.

How do you start the Konnected Joe?

Starting the Konnected is super easy. Just load up your charcoal, close the dome, switch on the grill at the back, and hit the Automatic Firestarter button. It lights the coals in about 15 minutes, illuminating the need for charcoal chimneys or fire starters.
Once lit, you can use the digital Kontrol Board or the Kamado Joe App to set your cooking temperature, and the grill will take care of the rest.
All in all, the grill takes about 40-45 minutes to preheat, which is normal for a ceramic grill.

 Can I control the Konnected remotely?

Trick answer. Yes, you can control the Konnected remotely using the Kamado Joe App. This app allows you to set and adjust temperatures, monitor meat probes, and receive alerts right from your smartphone. How far your WiFi connection will reach is a totally different story. And with any grill, we never recommend leaving it unattended.

What are the main advantages of the Konnected over other grills?

The Konnected stands out for several reasons, which all sound pretty standard until you remember this is a charcoal egg-style grill:
Push-button ignition.
Built-in OR app temperature control.
• WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring and control.
• Built-in tech for maintaining a consistent temp.
These features make it more user-friendly and technologically advanced compared to traditional charcoal grills and even some pellet smokers.

Are there any additional costs associated with the Konnected?

Besides the initial purchase price of $1699 (at time of publish), the main ongoing cost is charcoal  making it a straightforward and long-term investment for grill enthusiasts.


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