Voodoo Bloody Mary

Imagine a Bloody Mary with a sweet kind of potion to always bring you back. The kind that starts smooth but comes back with a little bite. The Voodoo Bloody Mary is magic. The kind that gets you every time.

Tomato juice is ok by itself; vodka is pretty neutral. Add a bit of sour and spice, and the underlying flavors should round themselves out. It seems like the type of cocktail I could rather fancy for brunch..


-Tomato juice -Vodka -VooDoo sauce -Cherry tomatoes

Combine the tomato juice, vodka, and voodoo sauce in a small pitcher.

Season with the salt and add the freshly ground pepper for bite.

Strain into a glass, over ice.

The original Bloody Mary is said to have been nothing more than vodka and tomato juice from The New York Bar (in Paris) as early as 1921.

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