Savory Fish Recipes For Lent


Fish dishes are the perfect way to enjoy a variety of flavors during Lent. Whether you're grilling luscious tilapia, baking flavorful salmon, creating delicious fish cakes, or devouring a flavorful catfish po'boy. Enjoy these mouthwatering meals any day of the week with your family and friends!

Flakey tender fish mixed with leftover mashed potatoes coated and air fried to a crisp golden brown perfection. These crispy fish cakes are such a simple recipe and yet so satisfying. They make a delicious, easy dinner and this brain food is packed with lean protein, and it’s got a delightful blend of savory, tangy flavors and crispy texture to boot.

Charcoal Grilled Tilapia

Tilapia is a great fish for simple meals at a perfect price point but is it possible to grill it for great flavor without losing all the meat between the grates? Yes, and this cast iron campfire recipe for charcoal grilled tilapia is just the solution for that.

Pan Seared Salmon

This pan seared salmon is an easy weeknight dinner that’s sure to become a staple in your house. With a delightfully crispy texture, its an amazing meaty fish and on a plate with flavorful pairings of leeks, potatoes, and eggs, it’s one of the best quick, healthy salmon recipes you’ll find.

Blackened Swordfish Sandwich

This blackened swordfish sandwich offers the perfect balance of heat and crunch. It’s the perfect way to expand your horizons beyond just salmon and tuna when it comes to cooking at home. It’s relatively cheap and easy to make and is sure to become one of your favorite (somewhat) healthy recipes!

Baked Citrus Salmon

Using a medley of lemons, blood oranges, and common oranges, this baked easy citrus salmon comes together in under 30 minutes from start to finish for a bright, light, and low-carb meal! And, oh, it looks fancy enough to impress just about anyone.

Dill & Potato Crusted Baked Fish & Chips

The ideal to-go meal for a greasy hot mess of crispy battered white fish atop a pile of chips a.k.a. fries. From street fare staring in the 1860’s somewhere in the fine region of England to a global staple of any worthwhile pub. Fish and chips is a classic comfort dish. Local Cod and haddock were the defining ‘fish’ for the region

Grilled Salmon

Grilling fish can be one of the most intimidating things on the grill. But once you master it, the flavor is hard to beat! Like all things, a little practice goes a long way, and here are our best tips and tricks for grilling salmon to perfection every time.

Baked Halibut With Pistachio Mint Pesto Recipe

Feel fancy with this date night halibut recipe baked in parchment and slathered in a fresh pistachio mint pesto. Quickly adapted for Whole30, this one is healthy but doesn’t lack any flavor and the presentation is worthy of an insta-snap no matter how cool you really are.

Chipotle Baked Tilapia

Chipotle Baked Tilapia is a quick and easy weeknight meal. Tender flaky fish with a perfectly crispy breading is our favorite way to dive into this fish dinner. When it comes to easy ways to add more fish to your diet, it doesn’t get any better than this tilapia baked in the oven for a delicious meal.

Cast Ironed Blackened Salmon

This cast-ironed blackened salmon recipe is one of our favorite easy recipes–it offers all your daily nutrients wrapped up in a medley of Cajun flavors that pack a punch. It’s the perfect way to get in all your macros (and some servings of fruits and veggies, plus omega-3 fatty acids to boot) without sacrificing bold flavors and exciting textures.

Fried Catfish Po'boys with Spicy Remoulade Sauce

Is there anything like good fried catfish? Try these Fried Catfish Po’boys with Spicy Remoulade Sauce and bring a classic southern sandwich home tonight!Fried well with a crispy outer crunch and moist fish on the inside, you won’t even care that catfish may be one of the ugliest freshwater fish there are.