Smoked Beef Ribs

This Texas smoked beef ribs recipe is must make. Rubbed with a classic salt, pepper, and garlic blend, then smoked to perfect tender bites, and sliced for huge dino ribs just begging to be devoured!


For the ribs: - Salt - Pepper - Garlic powder - Beef Ribs For the mop: - Vinegar Based BBQ sauce for mop To Serve: - Cilantro Chimichurri


Prep the beef plate ribs: Remove the ribs from their package and pat ribs dry. Mix spices in a bowl. Rub all over ribs liberally, coating both sides with the SPG blend.

Prep the grill: Prep your charcoal by adding 20 briquets to a charcoal chimney. Place over a natural fire starter & allow the briquets to heat up for 15 minutes until 70% ashed over.

Arrange the coals at the bottom of your grill. Add wood chunks and a few more fresh briquets to the top. You are ready to grill when the smoke is clean.

Place a disposable foil pan in the smoker and carefully fill it with water. Let the grill heat to an even temperature of 225 to 250.

Smoke the ribs: Arrange your beef ribs in the smoker and cover with lid. Cook the ribs, checking every hour or so to maintain a consistent heat of 225 – 250F.

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