the best christmas dinner ideas

By GirlCarnivore


Easy Spatchcocked Smoked Turkey

Shake up your traditional turkey routine with this perfect Spatchcocked Smoked Turkey recipe. Evenly cooked and with juicy turkey no matter where you slice, this is a tried-and-true method for making the best smoked turkey on the planet!

Smoked Prime Rib

This Traeger smoked prime rib recipe offers a delicious smoky flavor that’s perfect for the holiday season or any special occasion! The prime rib is the king of cuts, and we’re showing you how to get a perfect peppery crust on the outside and tender medium rare center with this easy recipe for your pellet grill

Smoked Spiral Ham With Maple Bourbon Glaze

Smoked Spiral Ham is the perfect holiday recipe! It’s easy to make and bursts with a smoky, savory flavor. Don’t settle for a dry, bland ham when you can have something as juicy and flavorful as this delicious spiral cut ham with a maple bourbon sticky sweet glaze.

Smoked Prime Rib On A Gas Grill

When it comes to prime rib, can you cook it on a traditional gas grill and still get tender medium-rare slices filled with flavor? Yes. And with a few easy tricks, this smoked prime rib on a gas grill just may be the easiest way to cook the traditional holiday roast.

Smoked Turkey Breast

Make the best Smoked Turkey Breast recipe this year! Perfect for smaller holiday gatherings; It’s slathered in a flavorful spice rub, basted in melted butter, bourbon, and honey, and smoked until melt-in-your-mouth tender for the perfect holiday turkey.

Sous Vide Prime Rib With Au Jus

This Sous Vide Prime Rib is the king of masterfully cooked bone-in prime rib. Coated in garlic butter, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and served with heavenly au jus, it’s the perfect show-stopping feast for the holiday season or any special occasion!

Smoked Crab Imperial

This Smoked Crab Imperial is my favorite recipe for a delicious side dish or entree! Delicate pieces of jumbo lump crab are folded into a rich, creamy imperial sauce, then smoked for a bonus layer of umami flavor.

Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin

Whether you’re cooking for a special occasion during the holiday season or just want to try your hand at precision cooking with minimal effort, this succulent sous vide beef tenderloin is the perfect culinary adventure! Achieve medium-rare slices from edge to edge, every time!

Traeger Smoked Turkey With Stuffing

This delicious Traeger Smoked Turkey with stuffing is incredibly juicy and flavorful! It’s the best way to make your Thanksgiving turkey with only 15 minutes of prep, and the result is moist, tender meat from a flavorful turkey stuffed with delicious apple stuffing and crispy, crunchy candied pecans.

Herb Rubbed Top Round Roast Beef

This Herb-Rubbed Top Round Roast Beef recipe is the perfect way to cook top round roast. It’s slathered in a flavorful herb and mustard rub, braised to get that crispy exterior, then cooked low and slow until fall-apart tender.

Perfect Oven-Roasted Rack Of Pork

This really is the perfect Oven-Roasted Rack of Pork! It’s easy to make, has a rich herb crust, a perfect medium center, and is roasted with carrots, turnips, parsnips, and onions for a simple side dish!

Smoked Beef Tenderloin

Satiate every craving with this incredible smoked beef tenderloin. Perfect fork-tender beef with a rich medium-rare center and just a hint of heat and smoked flavor. It’s the veritable way to take filet mignon to a whole new level while feeding a crowd.

Smoked Turkey

Forget the oven and make a Smoked  Turkey for this year’s holiday! Full of flavor, juicy, and tender, once you’ve smoked a turkey, you’ll never want it any other way!