Veal Saltimbocca

This Easy Veal Saltimbocca is an impressive yet simple dinner made with tender pan-fried veal cutlets wrapped in salty prosciutto and rich sage. Ready in just 30 minutes!

Saltimbocca is a classic Italian dish with Roman roots. It’s made up of tender veal cutlets topped with fresh sage leaves and wrapped in salty prosciutto. 


- Veal cutlets - Prosciutto - Sage leaves - Almond flour - Butter - Avocado oil For Garnish: - Coarse ground black pepper - Shaved parmesan - Parsley - Lemon wedges


Prep the veal: Pat the veal dry and arrange on a clean work surface. Cover the veal with plastic wrap and pound the veal into ¼” thin pieces.

Trim, cutting the veal in half, if needed to make manageable portions for frying.

Add the Prosciutto: Working one piece at a time, place a layer of prosciutto over the veal, top with a sage leaf.

Weave a long sharp toothpick through the veal, to secure the prosciutto and sage.

Flour the Veal: In a shallow pan, spread the almond flour out. Dip the veal into the almond flour, to dredge both sides with a light dusting of almond flour.

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