Easy Grilled Korean Short Ribs

Sink your teeth into these meaty little bites. Umami dusted char-grilled Korean short ribs paired with roasted poblanos, blistered tomatoes, and of course, a fried egg makes for a savory recipe you won’t want to stop eating!

What are Krean Short Ribs? Korean style, or flanken, short ribs are cut long and skinny, across the rib, with the bones in.

Ingredients For the Korean-Style Short Ribs > Korean style short ribs > Girls Can Grill Brisket Rub > Salt For the Fried Egg Breakfast > Poblano peppers > Tomatoes, on the vine

Prep the Flanken Short Ribs > Whisk the Ooomami umami blend, brisket rub, and salt together in a bowl. > Season the ribs liberally with the blend, coating boath sides.

Grill the Short Ribs > Place the ribs on the cooler side of the grill. > Flip the flanken short ribs a few times, while grilling, to cook evenly.

Grill the Eggs, Peppers and Tomatoes

> While the Korean short ribs are grilling, heat a well seasoned cast iron skillet over the grill. > If the grill is not well seasoned, oil to coat.

>  Serve the grilled short ribs with the sliced grilled peppers, charred tomatoes, and fried eggs. > Garnish with cilantro and sliced scallions if desired.

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