New England Maple Brunch Burger

Thick flakey black pepper biscuits, hand tapped organic maple syrup, Vermont cheddar cheese, local eggs and of course, black pepper bacon all with a maple aioli. This is the New England Maple Brunch Burger.

There are mountains of patties slathered in buckets of cheese with toppings so out of this world, they are a meal in themselves.


-ground Pork -clove garlic -ground Sage -thyme -Maple -Vermont Cheddar Cheese -Eggs

– In a large bowl, mix the pork, minced garlic, salt, pepper, ground sage, thyme, and red pepper flakes together until combined.

Form the mix into 4 large patties. Press the center of each patty with a thumb to form a dimple (this helps from keeping your patties from expanding too much while cooking).

 Heat a large griddle or 2 cast iron skillets over medium heat.

If you can curb that, and go for portion control, these New England Maple Brunch Burgers are something all aspiring burger chefs can whip up without stretching too far out of the standard kitchen stock.

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