Perfect Grilled Pizza Recipe with Homemade Dough

Grilled pizza is one of those life-changing moments in your culinary adventure. Once you do it, you will never make pizza another way.

Pizza dough is incredibly easy to make. All you need for a basic pizza dough is yeast, sugar, water, oil and flour.


- Bread Flour - Fine sea salt - Crushed Tomatoes - Red Pepper - Hard Salami - Mozzarella

The best part about homemade pizza dough is that once you have gotten it down to an art, you can really work your own spin on it.

Dough is versatile too and can be cooked over the fire, in cast iron, or on baking stones or baking steels in the oven.

Creating your mise en place is the most important part of perfecting your pizza skills. Once you get that in place, everything else gets easier. Pizza is quick!

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