Epic Traeger Grill Recipes for a Lucky St. Patrick's Day


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the ultimate smoked feast! Traeger smoked recipes offer an unforgettable flavor that will have your guests coming back for seconds. Enjoy delectable smoked cabbage, flavorful corned beef and juicy pastrami for a St. Patrick's Day meal that you can be proud of! Make this year's celebration extraordinary by adding some smoky goodness to your dinner table.

Corned Beef Sandwiches

This Corned Beef Sandwich shouldn’t be complicated. It is a smash and grab of what you have laying around, piled high to create the best damn bite you can shove in your mouth all at once. So Good.

Easy Smoked Baked Potato

When it comes to classic sides, it’s hard to beat a smoked baked potato. Baked potatoes on the Traeger smoker are the perfect steakhouse side dish for any grilled steak. To amp up the flavor, these spuds are rolled through a garlic spice blend and grilled to get crispy skin and tender potato. The hardest part will be whether or not to add toppings.

Smoked Corned Beef

When corned beef is on sale, stock up. This smoked corned beef recipe is perfect for turning a tough cut into delicious thin slices for the best sandwiches, elevated corned beef and cabbage, or even hash. The trick is a simple rub and low and slow smoke that takes what was once a tough cut and transforms it into a new family favorite.

Smoked Cabbage

Smoked cabbage is a quick and easy side dish with hardly any work and all of the flavor! This smoked cabbage recipe is a unique, delicious way to sneak some veggies in. Yeah, it’s that good! Smoked cabbage is the perfect complementary dish to many proteins like beef brisket, chicken, or smoked corned beef. Making it an obvious choice most nights.

Easy Smoked Pastrami

If you love mile-high pastrami sandwiches, then this homemade Smoked Pastrami will rock your world! I’ll show you my shortcuts to making the best and easiest smoked and steamed pastrami in your backyard just like iconic New York delis!