4 of the Best Smoked Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

Traeger Smoked Turkey with Stuffing

This delicious Traeger Smoked Turkey with stuffing is incredibly juicy and flavorful! It’s the best way to make your Thanksgiving turkey with only 15 minutes of prep, and the result is moist, tender meat from a flavorful turkey stuffed with delicious apple stuffing and crispy, crunchy candied pecans.

This recipe doesn’t require a brine, and it gives you all the extra oven space since it’s made in the Traeger smoker (or whatever pellet grill you have)!

Smoked Turkey Breast

Make the best Smoked Turkey Breast recipe this year! Perfect for smaller holiday gatherings; It’s slathered in a flavorful spice rub, basted in melted butter, bourbon, and honey, and smoked until melt-in-your-mouth tender for the perfect holiday turkey.

This recipe is perfect for a Traeger grill / pellet smoker, ceramic big green egg, or traditional charcoal / offset smoker! See our notes in the recipe card for each!

Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey has plenty of wow factor, but it’s so easy to make! Don’t tell anyone how simple it is; just let them enjoy the juicy meat that’s perfectly cooked with a hint of smoke. Flavored with an easy smoked turkey rub of herbs, lemon, and garlic, it just doesn’t get much better than this smoked turkey.

This recipe works on a pellet smoker, Big Green Egg, Traeger, or wood smoker. The smoking process works for smaller or larger turkeys to get that authentic flavor, beautiful golden outer skin, and tender juicy meat with minimal effort.

Spatchcocked Smoked Turkey

Shake up your traditional turkey routine with this perfect Spatchcocked Smoked Turkey recipe. Evenly cooked and with juicy turkey no matter where you slice, this is a tried-and-true method for making the best smoked turkey on the planet!

The spatchcock method keeps the whole bird juicy and tender, and since all of the skin is exposed, not sitting in turkey drippings, it also makes for great crispy skin on the entire turkey!