Smoked Prime Rib on a Gas Grill

Prime rib coasted in a thick garlic crust with an umami kick, slowly smoked on a gas grill with Jack Daniel's wood chips

 finished with a cast iron sear to lock in flavor and served with a spicy horseradish cream sauce.


- Bone-in prime rib roast - Salt - Olive Oil - Mustard - Girl Carnivore Ooomami - Garlic Junkie - Cowboy Crust - Rosemary - Prepared horseradish - Mayo - Heavy cream - Black pepper


Remove the Prime Rib from packaging and pat dry.

Season the beef liberally with salt on all sides.

Mix the Olive oil, mustard, umami powder, 1 tablespoon Garlic Junkie and Cowboy Crust (or steak seasoning) in a small bowl.

Rub the mustard spice mix all over the prime rib in an even layer.

Prep the grill for indirect heat by setting 1 burner to high and the others off, to maintain 225F with a cool side and a hot side.

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