No-Stress Tips for Thanksgiving Entertaining

I took a step back this year and realized I didn’t need to make everything so darned Martha Stewart perfect to have happy guests – and here are 5 tips on how I do it.

Thanksgiving entertaining always means a big holiday party with people crowding every corner catching up on the year-end goals and of course, amazing food.

Mix homemade with store bought.

Fry or smoke the turkey, make the sides, but don’t stress over ‘from-scratch’ sides from top to bottom. Remember that your local market has organic sides and options you can take and put out alongside your collection of delicious homemade goods.

Always accept and appreciate help from friends.

Remember, your friends aren’t there to compare your tablescape to anyone else’s, they are there to share great time with their buddies.

Leave several bottles of the lemonade on the serving tray for a lighter start to the evening – or mix it in a pitcher with a little vodka, apple slices, fresh cranberries and sprigs of rosemary as a fun starter to the evening for anyone that who wants to sip a cocktail with festive flair!

Greet everyone with a cocktail.

Anything that can be made and stored, prepped or chopped ahead of time, do it. Make and bake ahead of time, prep all of the ingredients for slow cooker recipes and store them in containers so that all you have to do before the big dinner is heat everything up. I even make my mashed potatoes and green bean casserole ahead of time.

Prep and cook ahead.

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