Gas Grilled Rotisserie Picanha

Unlike quick perfect strip steaks, this quick-cooking grilled picanha is a hearty thick-cut, grilled rotisserie style for an even finish,

sliced and served with a herb-filled chimichurri for a globally inspired feast.


– Top sirloin – Olive oil – Salt – Steak seasoning – Gaucho Steakhouse Rub – Shallot – Garlic – Frenso chili – Parsley


Remove the beef from the package and pat dry.

On a clean work surface, using a sharp knife, skewer the fat cap by making long shallow slices through the fat. Create a diamond pattern, running the knife one diagonal direction from side to side and then repeating with an opposite stroke.

Season liberally with salt, rubbing into the slices you just made.

Slice the meat into 4 to 5 long evenly weighed strips, starting with the thickest side and working to the triangular point.

Rub the meat with the oil and sprinkle with the steak seasoning and Gaucho Steakhouse Rub, making sure to coat all sides.

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