Dutch Oven White Chicken Chili

– 2 poblanos – 1 tbsp canola oil – 1.5 lbs chicken breast boneless skinless – 1 tsp salt –  1 tsp taco ssoning –  1 tsp cumin –  ½ onion –  2 cloves garlic –  3 cups chicken broth –  1 lime –  1 14 oz can black beans drained and rinsed – 1 14 oz can great northern beans drained and rinsed –  8 oz can green chiles –  2 flour tortillas torn into thin strips

What You Will Need

–  Avocado –  Jalapeno –  Grilled corn – Sour Cream –  Cilantro –  Sliced lime

For Toppings:

1.  Roast the poblanos until the skin has blistered all over. 2.  Wrap in foil and allow to steam for 5 minutes. 3. Carefully remove the foil and peel back the charred skin. Discard. 4. Chop the roasted poblanos and set aside.

 5. Heat the Dutch oven over the cooler side of the fire, or medium heat. 6. Add the oil and allow to coat the pan.

7. Add the chicken and brown on one side, about 4 minutes. 8. Add the onion and flip the chicken to brown on the other side 4 minutes longer while the onion softens. 9.  Add in the chopped roasted poblanos, garlic, taco seasoning and cumin. Stir.

10. Deglaze the pan, if needed with a splash of broth scraping up any browned bits 11. Slowely pour the remaining broth into the Dutch oven. 12. Add the juice from the lime. 13. Add the beans, green chiles, and tortilla strips.

Blend, and 



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