Sous-Vide Steak and Eggs

Perfect tender medium-rare. Sous-vide Steak, cooked with herb butter to perfection with pan-fried fried eggs atop

and a simple sprinkle of salt and pepper is the classic hearty breakfast. And it’s not even hard to master.


– Strip Steaks – rosemary – thyme – garlic – butter – Salt and pepper – eggs


Remove the steaks from the packaging and pat them dry.

Combine the rosemary, thyme and garlic in a small bowl and rub the steaks well with the seasoning.

Carefully arrange each steak into a sous-vide bags bag and top with 1 tablespoon of butter.

Following the directions for sealing with a bag, vacuum seal the steaks with the Food Saver.

At this point, with the airtight seal, you can place the steaks in the fridge for a day until ready to prepare or sous-vide and save until ready to grill all in the Food Saver bag!

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