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Grilled Lamb Chops with Lavender Salt | Kita Roberts GirlCarnivore.com

Grilled Lamb Chops with Lavender Salt

Grilled lamb with a wonderful lavender seasoned salt, very simple, few ingredients but lots of flavor.
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings 12 servings
Calories 570kcal


  • grill


  • 2 tbs dried lavender I used fresh
  • ½ cup flaky sea salt
  • 24 lamb chops no I did not have 24, I don’t have that kind of cash!
  • Olive Oil


  • Rub the lavendar roughly between your fingers to bring out the oils (alternative, I used fresh and finely minced it).
  • In a small bowl, combine it with the salt. Set aside.
  • Bring the chips to room temperature, 20 to 30 minutes before cooking. Prep a charcoal grill to medium-high heat.
  • Brush the chops with the olive oil and place on the grill. Cook 2 to 3 minutes per side, for medium-rare. Remove from grill and sprinkle with lavender salt. Serve.


Inspired by Michael Symon’s Carnivore recipe. If you want to save some cash, and who doesn't, you could use pork chops instead. 


Calories: 570kcal | Protein: 83g | Fat: 23g | Saturated Fat: 9g | Cholesterol: 257mg | Sodium: 4915mg | Potassium: 1071mg | Vitamin A: 5IU | Vitamin C: 0.3mg | Calcium: 48mg | Iron: 7.6mg