Thanksgiving Leftovers? Black Friday Turkey Burger Recipe

Thanksgiving Leftovers? Black Friday Turkey Burger Recipe will cure that in an over the top and crazy delicious way.

Take the meat off the turkey. You can spare the legs and wings, but just clean off the rest of the bird and store it. You should just go ahead and put the carcass into a large stock pot.


- Brioche Bun - Cranberry sauce - Turkey Burger - Sage Darby Cheese - Stuffing - Gravy - Olive oil - Garlic - Egg yolks - Red wine vinegar - Dijon mustard


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F. Soak the garlic in the olive oil in an oven safe baking dish. Allow the garlic to roast low and slow for 2 hours.

In a food processor, add the egg yolks, and while running, slowly drizzle in the roasted garlic infused oil, mustard, and vinegar. Process on high and it will come together and create the mayo.

Add cheese, fried stuffing, gravy, and a slathering of roasted garlic cranberry mayo to the top bun and slam it down on top.

Make sure you store everything properly. One trick, make sure you can see the leftovers you want to use fastest first. If you put them in the back of the fridge that is where you will find them next year.

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