Smoked Beef Tenderloin

The no-fail method of gently smoking and then reverse searing beef tenderloin is an amazing way for rich umami flavor and perfect medium-rare slices.

Bonus, it's about as simple a recipe as you could ask for!


- Beef tenderloin - Olive oil - Tony Chachere’s Bold Blend - Smoked Crab Imperial


Prep your smoker for offset heat, building a fire to one side of the smoker and maintaining a temperature around 250.

Trim your tenderloin as needed and tie it off every 1” to 1 ½” to help the beef maintain its shape while cooking.

Rub with olive oil and then coat the entire tenderloin with an even coating of Tony Chachere’s BOLD blend.

Smoke the tenderloin in a smoker set to 250 – 300 for 1 hour until temp reads 120 with a digital thermometer.

Sear the beef evenly on all sides by either moving the beef to a preheated grill, or to a large griddle/skillet that has been heated over medium-high heat.

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