Easy Veal Saltimbocca

There’s a reason the classics continue to appear on menus worldwide. The art of the flavors and how they blend transport our taste buds to regional cuisines all over the world and this saltimbocca recipe is no exception.

With tender pan-fried veal cutlets wrapped in thin prosciutto and rich sage, it was ripe for a keto-friendly version. And this recipe did the trick, while also paying homage to tradition.


– Veal – Prosciutto – Sage – Almond flour – Butter – Avocado oil – Black pepper – Parmesan – Parsley – Lemon wedges


Pat the veal dry and arrange on a clean work surface. Cover the veal with plastic wrap and pound the veal into ¼” thin pieces.

Trim, cutting the veal in half, if needed to make manageable portions for frying.

Working one piece at a time, place a layer of prosciutto over the veal, top with a sage leaf.

Weave a long sharp toothpick through the veal, to secure the prosciutto and sage.

In a shallow pan, spread the almond flour out. Dip the veal into the almond flour, to dredge both sides with a light dusting of almond flour.

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