Rosemary Dijon Lamb Meatballs

These little lamb meatballs are light and airy while bursting with bright flavors from lemon to subtle earthy rosemary-dijon base.

They are a perfect make-ahead recipe for keeping meals easy and pair with a variety of options from orzo to zucchini noodles.


- garlic cloves - white onion - ground lamb - rosemary-dijon spice blend - Girl Carnivore Chick Fest spice blend - lemon - lemon-infused olive oil - salt & pepper


Place the minced garlic and onion in a bowl.

Add the ground lamb, rosemary-dijon spice blend, Chick Fest spice blend, 1 tspn juice from the lemon and 1 tspn lemon zest. Lastly, add the oil.

Season with salt and pepper, if desired.

Using a small 1″ cookie scoop, or your hands, portion the lamb out into even meatballs.

Arrange the meatballs evenly over the sheet, with 1″ between each meatball.

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