Whole 30 Grilled Harissa Baked Eggs in Avocados

Fresh steak, peppers, onions slathered in cheese over scoop-able fries… Heck yeah!


– Frozen waffle fries – Rib eye steak – Salt –Green bell – Onion – Worcestershire sauce – Provolone cheese – Ground black pepper – Mayo, Ketchup or other desired condiments


Preheat oven as instructed for the fries. Divide the fries equally between the two in a single layer. Bake until golden brown and cooked through. 

Season the steak liberally with salt. Cook the steak,until a great crust forms Remove the steak and wrap in foil.

In the same skillet, toss in the peppers and onions. Add the Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and cover. Slice the steak into paper thin strips.

Remove the fries from the oven and set to broil. Arrange a layer of fries on the pan, top the cheese,steak, peppers and onions. Set under the broiler for 1 minute just to melt the cheese.

Go big with your next home tailgating party with a giant platter of these loaded Philly cheesesteak fries!