Grilled King Crab Legs with Chimichurri Butter

Bust out the butter and the napkins because it’s all about Grilled King Crab Legs! Sweet, succulent, and meaty crab gets to new levels of deliciousness when grilled over an open flame.

Cooked over a campfire or your backyard BBQ, grilled crab legs are always a delicious treat. I love grilling them and then passing out napkins and grilled lemons to go with them.


– King crab legs  – Butter – Shallot  – Salt – Cilantro – Parsley  – Red pepper flakes  – Lemons

Prep the grill for indirect heat by building a hot side with coals. Place the crab legs on the direct heat side of the grill to grill crab legs.

Rotate the crab legs to prevent burning. Move the crab legs to the cooler side once heated through. Char the lemons on the hot side of the grill.

Add a small cast-iron pan to the hot side of the fire and add the shallots and sauté until soft. Move the pan to the cooler side and add the butter to melt.

Stir in the chopped herbs and red pepper flakes. Season with salt to taste.

Split the crab legs with a knife or kitchen shears and baste the split crab legs with the butter.

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