Grilled Chicken Chilaquiles Verde

Chicken chilaquiles verde use up leftover chicken and tortillas all tossed in a comforting green salsa and cooked on the grill.

Loaded with leftover tortillas, tender shredded grilled chicken, and salsa verde (though sometimes I just use red enchilada sauce) it’s pretty much perfect.


- tortilla chips - green enchilada sauce - poblano pepper - cooking oil - onion - cooked chicken - cheddar cheese - eggs - crema or sour cream - squeezed orange juice - chipotles in adobo sauce


Carefully fold the overhanging foil over the layers, without letting it touch the surface of the food. Pinch the edges together.

Place the skillet over the grill and allow to cook until the eggs are set about 15 minutes.

When the eggs have set, using heat resistant gloves, carefully remove the skillet from the oven (It will be hot!) and garnish with the crema and any desired toppings.

This 20-minute chilaquiles verde recipe for using up chicken leftovers is the easiest skillet recipe for a totally loaded breakfast or brunch.

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