Fried Honey Dijon Leg of Lamb Recipe & Tips for using your Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer

This is an easy ‘fried’ honey dijon leg of lamb, perfect for any holiday, cooked in an outdoor oil-less fryer. Yep, crazy good and minimal clean up.

It’s that time of the season when every single outdoor cooking enthusiast is watching and re-watching Alton Brown build an elaborate pully system for deep frying the perfect turkey.


- leg of lamb - salt and pepper - Honey Dijon mustard - garlic cloves - fresh rosemary


Season the lamb with salt and pepper all over. Whisk the mustard, garlic, and rosemary in a small bowl together. Rub a thorough coating of the mustard mix all over.

Prep your Big-Easy Oil-Less Fryer and place the lamb in the basket. Put the basket in the fryer and cook until the lamb registers 145 degrees F for medium rare.

With gloves, carefully remove the lamb and wrap with foil. Allow to rest while you toss some veggies in that Big-Easy and let them get all nice and crispy.

Crispy skin on the outside, moist, flavorful meat locked inside. And without all that artery-clogging oil, it’s healthy.

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