Domino Potatoes

Domino potatoes is a method of cooking sliced potatoes to get a cool browned domino pattern on the baked and roasted potato slices.

Dress up roasted potatoes by serving them as Dominoes Potatoes, where thin slices are fanned out, allowing each edge to get browned and crispy while the centers stay tender.


- Idaho Russet Potatoes washed - Duck fat - Litehouse Freeze Dried Garlic - Litehouse Freeze Dried Chives - Litehouse Freeze Dried Parsley - Salt and Pepper adobo sauce


Slice the ends off of each potato and trim the skins off, about ⅛ inch on all sides, creating a rectangle shape.

Toss the potatoes into a bowl with duck fat, garlic, chive, and parsley.

To serve, dish out portions with a serving spoon and sprinkle, if desired, additional parsley and chives on top for a pop of fresh color.

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