Classic Carbonara with Prosciutto di San Daniele

The recipe is mixing an egg yolk into hot pasta.The heat from the pasta ‘cooks’ the egg while the yolk, when tossed quickly, creates the velvety rich coating over the al dente pasta.

What you need

– 8 oz pasta – 2 eggs yolks – 2 tbsp Olive oil – ¼ tsp Salt – ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper – 1 tbsp Girl Carnivore Over Easy Spice Blend – 14 oz Artichoke hearts  – 3 oz Prosciutto di San Daniele cut into strips –  2 oz Grana Padano

Not Just any Prosciutto.

I used Prosciutto di San Daniele, a 13-month dry-aged ham that only  exists in the picturesque climate of San Daniele del Friuli from Italian  breeds

And not just any cheese.

Grana Padano has a mature nutty flavor that creates a creamy lavish layer into the pasta as it melts.

How To Blend The Yolk Into Carbonara

-Take the pan off the heat to add the egg yolk. -Add the yolk slowly but surely and don’t stop folding it into the pasta. -Use eggs brought to room temperature.


1.Boil the Pasta 2.Stir in the Egg 3.Fold in 4.Serve

The trick to Perfecting Carbonara

The trick to perfecting carbonara is setting up your ‘mise en place’. Yep, that means, getting all cheffy and having your ingredients lined up  and ready to go.

 Girl Carnivore Pro Tip: Warm your heat-resistant plates in an oven set to 180 degrees, or as low as it will go, for a few  minutes before serving to help keep the pasta warm.