Char-Griller Super Pro Review

The Char-Griller Super Pro is the base model heavy duty grill you are looking for. Here’s our list of pro’s, con’s and if its the right grill for you.

The chimney allows air to flow around and out, circulating smoke flavor through the grill while the adjustable damper on the side lets you control the airflow for heat.

Is the Char-Griller Super Pro a good grill?

If you are getting into charcoal grills for the first time, or are downsizing and want something you can use all season long without any fuss, this is the perfect grill for you for the price point.

The 4 cast iron grates are perfect for grilling and hold heat, but I love that they are small enough to maneuver while grilling if you need to adjust your coals.

The Char-Griller Super Pro is light, and on two wheels, making moving it a breeze.

It’s upgradeable. And we all love to trick out our toys. You can easily add the side smoker box for offset smoking.

What I really love about the Char-Griller Super Pro is that its a humble grill. It’s not showy or flashy looking. It’s a grill. It’s like it’s an aged wine, secure it itself with 25-year company history.

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