Char-Grilled Lobster with Zesty Butter Sauce

There are only a few months to grab fresh prime Maine lobster, so make the most of them with this easy but oh-so-fancy Char-Grilled Lobster with Zesty Butter Sauce recipe.


> Lobster > McCormick® Sea Salt Grinder > McCormick® Ground Black Pepper > Unsalted butter

Shop for fresh lobster within a few hours of preparing this recipe.

> Pre-heat your grill for indirect heat by piling your charcoal to one side. Clean and oil your grill grates. > Meanwhile, chill the lobster in the freezer for 20 minutes or so before preparing them.

> Have a clean work surface and a very sharp heavy knife ready. > Lay the lobster legs down flat on your work surface. Find the first seam of the shell and press your knife firmly and quickly,

> With a small spoon or your fingers, quickly clean out the tomalley, the organs and other internal items that aren’t meat. > Season lightly with salt, pepper and a dash of Grill Mates

> Arrange the lobster on the grill, over the hot side, with the meat down, leaving the shell exposed to air. > Flip and move towards the cooler side.

> With a grill brush, baste the lobsters repeatedly in the butter sauce as they finish grilling 2 to 5 minutes longer.

Remove from grill and arrange on a serving platter. Season with a dash of pepper and fresh chives

Serve: Serve the char-grilled lobster in the shells with small forks and a ramekin of the remaining seasoned butter blend on the side for extra dipping.