Cajun Fried Chicken Sandwich with Creamy Ranch Slaw

There is nothing like the crisp crunch of good fried chicken. It’s a savory bite that satisfies the salty umami flavor we crave.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: > Red and green cabbage > Ranch dressings, > Onion, > Scallions > Jalapeno > Carrots > Boneless chicken thighs

For success with this recipe, marinate the chicken in the Ranch buttermilk mix overnight.

Set up a batter station:  Set up a “batter station,” like a battle station, but less intense, to make the workflow easy and less messy helps too.



Leave the oven on set at 200 degrees while you work through the frying process to keep the chicken hot but not over cooking it so that you can serve hot sandwiches to everyone. 

What to serve with Fried Chicken Sandwiches? it’s hard to beat a crisp potato chip with a fried chicken sandwich. But a large salad and baked beans are pretty good too. And if you are really feeling up to it, a creamy mac and cheese cools off that spicy thigh pretty well too.