5 Ways to Use Umami Powder in cooking

It’s a savory blend of powdered mushrooms, brown sugar, nori, and smoky chipotle designed to ignite that umami sensation. It’s perfect in ground beef, gravies, and more but here are our favorite ways to use Ooomami.

Umami is naturally found in a variety of things, delivering that all over rich mouthfeel, but was there a way to amp up that savory response and make things extra special? 

5 ways to use Ooomami by GirlCarnivore with Spiceology

Sprinkle Ooomami into your burger or meatball mix. Form your patties, and then roll or coat the outside with a little extra for that added punch. Even better if you’re making smash burgers!


Level up your brunch with Ooomami biscuits and gravy. Add Ooomami to the gravy for that secret ingredient that really sets the gravy apart.

Savory popcorn may be the snack you never knew you always needed. Sprinkle Ooomami over freshly toasted popcorn with a dash of salt and your days of extra butter are a thing of the past.

Add a little Ooomami to to the roux of Homemade mac and cheese, and then with a whisk a little IPA in before slowly melting in a trio of cheeses for a seriously sinful carb load.

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