Sweet Corn Lobster Bisque

Celebrate the subtle summer flavors with this smooth and creamy sweet corn and lobster bisque. Who knew fresh bisque was this easy to make?

Classic lobster bisque is a creamy soup made with a crustacean broth. The soup uses butter to capture the essence of the broth, and transport it across your taste buds.

What is Lobster Bisque?

For the Bisque > Sweet corn > Butter > Lobsters For the Sweet Corn Topping > Bacon > Poblano > Cabot Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Bisque is made by simmering the shells of seafood in stock.  Then, the meat is folded into the soup when ready to serve.

For this bisque, everything comes together quickly, simmering the shells and corn cobs for only 30 minutes, but the bisque can be made a day ahead.

Instead of making a roux, I used heavy cream and pureed sweet corn for this version and added heat and a little more summer sweet corn texture back in at the end with the garnish and a sprinkling of sharp cheddar cheese.

To Serve: 1. Warm the bisque over medium-low heat. 2. Ladle the bisque into bowls and top with chunks of reserved lobster meat, the corn mixture, and a sprinkle of Cabot Sharp Cheddar Cheese. 3. ˇSeason with salt and garnish with freshly minced chives or parsley

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