Summer Scallop and Crab Pasta

This Summer Scallop and Crab Pasta is the perfect dish for light seasonal eats with fresh veggies, tons of herbs, and a little spice from cured chorizo.

This Summer Scallop and Crab Pasta can be made with market herbs and veggies on the quick. Pick a bushel of blue crabs when they are in season and freeze them for use later in the year.


- crab meat - cobs corn - chorizo - fresh chives - pasta - diver scallops

Melt the butter in a large heavy bottom skillet and sear the scallops until just cooked and light brown on both sides. Set aside.

In the same pan, saute the onion and peppers until soft, 5 to 7 minutes.

Remove from heat and stir in the cooked pasta, olive oil to coat, crab meat, corn kernels, chorizo, chives, and cooked scallops. Toss it all to combine.

Fresh-grilled corn stripped from the cob, just a scant bit of cheese and everything from the garden you can carry in is the magic behind this dish.

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