Spatchcocked Smoked Turkey

Shake up your traditional roast turkey with this perfect smoked turkey recipe. A simple method for cutting it along the spine, spatchcock, makes for even cooking, so you have juicy meat no matter where you slice.

This bird is rubbed with a simple spice blend and smoked for tender meat and crispy golden brown skin. So good you’re turkey traditions will be changed.


- Turkey - Salt - GirlsCanGrill Chicken Rub - GirlCarnivore Chick Fest - Oil - Parsley


Start by removing the bird from packaging and clearing out the inner cavity for any gizzards.

Pat the bird dry. Flip the turkey breast side down and find the spine.

Using your sheers, cut along the spine on both sides until you cut out the spine completely.

Spread the turkey open and crack or cut the breast bone.

Flip the turkey over, spread it as best you can, and press down forcefully on the top of the turkey breast to crack the breastplate.

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